Norwegian University College for Agriculture and Rural Development

The Hogskulen for landbruk og bygdeutvikling (HLB) is Norway’s foremost academic institution which focuses on producing knowledge for rural development. It is cooperatively owned by over 120 rural institutions, farmers, local authorities and others from the local region. Their focus is “kunnskap for utvikling” or, ‘to produce knowledge for vital rural communities’. HLB offers the only bachelor degree in rural innovation in northern Europe and their teaching, like their research, is interdisciplinary. They also deliver key courses in community entrepreneurship and development to local government staff and community project managers. Key research themes include: community entrepreneurship, Asse-tbased Rural Community Development, repurposing of cultural heritage assets and cultural landscapes, innovation and service provision, changing livelihoods and self-employment, changing agriculture, and action research and innovation, and the role of identities and discourse in rural planning. Their research partners and clients include local, regional and national governments in Norway, plus they maintain a strong international profile with research cooperation with partners in Europe and the North Atlantic.





This project was supported from EEA and Norway Grants - Program Spolupráce škol a stipendia (CZ07)